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Val is like girl I dont wanna be ur big brother I wanna be ur man lol

Look at his face, that’s not happiness, that’s consolation price. (And her face says so much too. Big bro my ass!)

I want everyone who ever watched this video ever to go back to this moment and hear how FAKE they sound. How scripted. How….robotic. lol Like literally she says “I’m gonna take away a  BIG. Brother too!” all emphasized and paused and excited and shit, then she does the weird flaily fingers and Val’s face is tight as fuck and hers is Disney smile plastic, and I’m just like really people buy this?

Yo y’know what gets me? The head tilt. That second time, they do it simultaneously. It’s like they were told.. “Y’know hide your feelings, be preppy and happy or whatever, even throw in a head tilt just to make it seem playful and innocent.”

Sheeeeeeeet. We smart as fuck.

I just noticed the second head tilt smh lol

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"DWTS Runner Up Zendaya On Plans to Hit the Ballroom with Val Again & Heading Out on Tour!"
OMFG!!! I Think I’m gonna died!!!! Ahhhh Val and Z!!! Like Z says she texts Val NONSTOP!! and heck yes she would do it for HIM!! And She Loves Ballroom especially with VAL!!! Oh btw DID U SEE ZENDAYA’S DAD SMILE WHEN VAL WAS MENTION!!!! I see U!! Can’t Wait!!!!!!!! :))

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